There are lots of awards out there and you are probably asking yourself "why should I enter in the Care Awards"? This is why: 

1. Participate in this one of a kind Award that recognises ONLY the most successfully creative social advertising campaigns showing how the communications industry plays its role in raising awareness on social and environmental issues. 

2. Get your best campaigns promoting care for people, resources and the environment recognised by a jury of  Members of the European Parliament. 

3. Raise awareness on the social cause your campaign addresses, in other markets. 

4. Qualify to enter the ACT Responsible Online Gallery and increase your work's exposure by joining the largest database of responsible communications that includes over 10,000 ads created by 1820 agencies over 95 countries.

5. Eligible to take part in the "One Minute of Responsibility" Act Responsible programe, offering free media space through the Euronews TV channel or magazine partnerships. 

6. Reinforce your relationship with your client.

The 2016 Call for Entries is now closed.